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About Me


My Experiences

I remember in middle school when I had the opportunity to take a journalism class, I jumped on it and enjoyed it.  Then high school and writing class and the school paper.  Then came the working grind for years, and then college as an English major and every writing class that was available.  To sum it up best, I ‘ve always wanted to write. The big dream is to be a published author, a bonafide novelist. While I still wish to pursue that dream, I do need to eat and keep a roof over my head. If I have to work so hard, it might as well be doing something I love! So thus, here we are in my writing nook on the web.  


My Community

 If my community was to be summed up in one word, I would have to say unique,  you will find it to consist of a not so niche group. It will consist of gamers, readers, writers, bloggers, video bloggers and more. The one similarity that we all bring will be our  “varied experiences that allow a wide range of mutual cooperation among one another” but without the community’s support, and the interactions of the community there is no point in being here. No community, no reason to make anything special. That’s how important community is, it fuels the fires of creativity that happen here.  


Join My Journey

...  it will be nothing less than adventurous,  I  don’t want you to miss out on anything special. I will document my journey here on my blog "The Growing Adventures and Pangs of Content Conceptions. Follow my adventures as I document my growth, my victories and my losses in business, streaming, and writing.  

About What I Do


What We Do


We are a content creation company that provides freelance writing services, in order to educate, entertain and challenge. We excel at presenting in a concise manner, motivating others to accept calls of action, to change, to press on, and to edification of others and society as a whole.


What Makes Us Different?


We stand apart because we offer a unique perspective on the world and present it through a unique voice. Unlike our competitors, we provide precision and a not so ordinary point of view and have the advantage of lower prices than our competitors because we are new to the scene.


Why We Should Work Together

For all these reasons and more, we are known as a company that exceeds expectations through a wisdom infused unique voice that offers value to our customers.